Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2020

To Create What Only Yamaha Motor Can Create “There Is Greater Joy Yet to Come.” Behind this theme for the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show is the belief that we must make more proposals for bringing people happiness. In order to realize our Long-Term Vision of “ART for Human Possibilities,” we considered what specific approaches to take, the kind of value we would create, and how we could bring joy. Adhering to the unique style of Yamaha in every facet, from our way of thinking and creating to our development of products and their applications, as well as our ways of communicating, we assembled in the Creative Center to establish a platform for putting all our efforts into doing not only more of what we can do but also more of that which only we can.What can we communicate globally through marketing as Yamaha from a cross-business perspective instead of that of indi-vidual businesses, so that our bases and business units can engage in all aspects of brand-ing with a sense of ownership? We look to create real meaning with these efforts and then implement them accordingly.Creative BrandingWe believe that an important objective of management is to further raise the value of the Yamaha brand and make it shine. With that in mind, the Company established the Creative Center in April 2020 to boost the drivers of the brand and is engaging in a range of initiatives aimed at enhancing brand value.Establishment of the Creative Center The Creative Center was newly established with the goal of creat-ing synergies by merging the product design and advance design roles of the former Design Center with the Company’s brand marketing and brand strengthening operations. To that end, we newly established the Brand Marketing Division, which integrates certain communication design duties, content creation as well as website creation and management, and placed it under Creative Center jurisdiction. Under the banner of “creativity,” we intend to promote these efforts in a comprehensive manner as activities for proposing value in a new era.Autonomous Branding® Autonomous Branding®—the autonomization of branding activities—is an approach unique to Yamaha Motor and forms one of its founda-tions. Autonomous Branding® is an initiative that departs from limiting branding to a single form or optimization on a case-by-case basis for our diverse, expansive product lineup or by each individual region. It instead creates a framework based on the unique style of Yamaha in which each involved party takes ownership and implementation of branding with the attitude of “diverse but one at heart.”The headquarters’ role in Autonomous Branding® is none other than to create and provide a range of tools that are uniquely Yamaha. We implement branding using the Kando Cycle brand building tool and measure the results as “brand strength” while galvanizing branding efforts through workshops held in our regions and business areas.We believe that the unique style of Yamaha is the answer that we pursue as well as our method to conducting branding as a whole.Akihiro NagayaExecutive Officer, Chief General Manager of Creative Center, Brand Committee ChairmanHeadquarters prepares a framework and branding contentEach business and base chooses from the framework and uses their choices to carry out branding autonomouslyBase ABase BBase CExample 2: Yamaha Day eventExample 1: BooM display booth designFoundations for Creating Competitiveness32Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2020

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