Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2020

Long-Term VisionART for Human PossibilitiesExecuted projectsProspects for commercializationCASEMaaS / Autonomous Driving• Low-speed autonomous driving field tests (Wajima City, Iwata City, Unnan City)• Aiming for commercialization in 2021Autonomous Driving• Invested in AI computing company DMP• Invested in autonomous driving technology developer Tier IV• Joint development of the SC-1 with Sony and start of services in Okinawa• Considering business venture in an all-new field by acquisition of core technologies• Business development and application in the tourism / entertainment sectorEVs• Announced participation in electric motorcycle battery consortium• Launched battery-swapping electric scooter in Taiwan• Development of electric motor units for EVs• Continuing to develop model products while closely monitoring electrification policies in various countries and battery technology innovationsSharing• Strategic business tie-up with Grab and investment of US$150 million • Promoting collaboration and establishing a business modelARTAdvancing Robotics• Business integration with SHINKAWA and APIC YAMADA and investment of ¥10 billion• Invested in Tokyo Robotics• Advancing the pace of YMRH’s PMI and implementing structural reformsRethinking Solution• Started trialing agricultural UGVs• Land Link Concept exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show• Considering commercialization through collaborations with start-upsTransforming Mobility• Field testing of the TRITOWN standing electiric micromobility model• Tricity 300 announced as fourth LMW model• MW-VISION exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show• Expanding the LMW lineup• Accelerating R&D and promoting production model creation / commercializationWe will Advance the use of Robotics, Rethink Solutions, and Transform Mobility to expand human possibilities for a better society and more fulfilling life.Growth Strategy: Four categories based on technologies and marketsNew TechnologiesExisting TechnologiesExpanding via co-creation with partnersExisting markets New marketsContinuous and steady growth+Inorganic growthExpanding with funds / M&AsInorganic growth • Agriculture • Medical • AutonomousExpanding with a combination of technologies• System supplier• Electrification• SharingProgress of Medium-Term Management Plan Measures for “ART for Human Possibilities”Do not allocate resources to new areas not synergistic with existing technologies and marketsAdvancing RoboticsRethinking SolutionTransforming Mobility27Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2020

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