Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2020

Long-Term Vision and Medium-Term Management PlanThe Company has positioned the three years covered by the current Medium-Term Management Plan beginning in fiscal 2019 as the first stage of transformation toward realizing its Long-Term Vision of “ART for Human Possibilities.”Amid dramatic changes in the external environment and the further diversification of people’s values going forward, the Company will contribute to the resolution of societal issues based on its longstanding values. At the same time, we will reform our business and management platforms and promote growth strategies centered on the development of new businesses in order to achieve sustainable growth.Medium-Term Management PlanBasic Policy Reforming our business and manage-ment platforms and promoting the development of new businessesFinancial Strategy Balancing growth investments and shareholder returns within the range of our cash flows while maintaining the earnings power of existing businessesMedium-Term Priority Measures in Core Businesses Land MobilityEstablishing business platforms ready for a new era of mobility •Bolstering current capabilities Increasing the efficiency of manufacturing and sales functions•Swifter management Improving the speed of decision-making using management systems•Shifting to new business fields Taking part in the emerging and new economic zones for mobilityMarine ProductsStrengthening our high- profitability model and building platforms for sustainable growth• Marine Long-Term Vision Reliable and rich marine life Toward further increasing the value of the ocean• Global production layout for outboard motors Improving production capacity and flexibility• Expansion of comprehensive marine business strategy Evolving as a system supplier• Product development strategies Offering attractive products and servicesRoboticsBusiness scale and area expansion and bolstering profitability •Growth strategies Optimizing entire factories and strategies focused on the logistics, agriculture, and medical sectors•Firming of business platforms Strengthening in-house manufacturing technologies and systemsQuantitative Targets for Fiscal 2021 Equity Ratio49.9%ROE (three-year average)Approx. 15%Net Sales¥2 trillionOperating Income¥180 billionOperating Income Margin9.0%See pages 70 to 75 for progress by businessSee pages 30 and 31 for details on and the status of progress of quantitative targetsNote: We may revise the above targets in lieu of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.Toward Sustainable Growth26Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2020

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