Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2020

Medium-term targets (2019 to 2021)Progress in 2019SDGs goalsReduce by 13.75% (compared with 2010)13.1% reduction (compared with 2010)Reduce by 17.36% (compared with 2010)32.4% reduction (compared with 2010)Reduce waste volume by 10.3% (compared with 2010)* Yamaha Motor on a non-consolidated basis15.7% reduction (compared with 2010)* Yamaha Motor on a non-consolidated basisEnhance living and sanitary environment by improving access to potable waterBring the number of water purification systems (Yamaha Clean Water Supply System) installed to 60Number of water purification systems installed: 41Launch electric products in the unique style of Yamaha in many product areas, such as motorcycles, marine products, electrically power-assisted bicycles, electric wheelchairs, and drones, while establishing a development platform for electric productsLaunched the EC-05 electric scooter in TaiwanConducted field testing for the TRITOWN standing electric micromobility model with twin front wheelsDeveloped the HARMO electric propulsion systemTotal number of drive units for electrically power-assisted bicycles topped five million unitsDeveloped the YMR-08AP agricultural-use multirotor droneInitiatives to address the issue of ocean plastic wasteTook part in the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC)’s Scientific Survey of Marine Pollution as a survey cooperation partnerLaunch sales of electrically power-assisted bicycles in the Indian marketCommenced test sales in India in September 2019Safe riding training opportunities (Yamaha Riding Academy):Hold 2,000 courses with 180,000 participants in 2021Number of countries with trainers: 20Riding safety training opportunities: Held 1,272 courses with approximately 117,000 participantsNumber of countries with trainers: 15Offer a number of solution proposals in the fishing industryCommenced consultations with fishing industry-related companies regarding smartification of the fishing industry, such as fish farmingSupply several thousand electrically power-assisted bicycles to local governments through cooperation with the national governmentBegan considering supporting test-ride opportunities of electrically power-assisted bicycles in light of the conclusion by a METI committee promoting the proliferation of diverse forms of mobility that such bicycles could be an alternative to automobiles for the elderlySupply 200,000 motorcycles equipped with digital devices to the market per yearDeveloped a new version of the NMAX scooter equipped with a communication control unit (launched in February 2020)Establish prospects for commercialization of low-speed mobility servicesAccumulated expertise by conducting field testing (aggregate total of 20 tests) with local governments, various business organizations, and other entitiesMarket penetration of LMWs and new value through the improvement of the model lineupDeveloped the Tricity 300Commenced field testing of the TRITOWNExhibited the MW-VISION at the Tokyo Motor ShowDevelop highly efficient, multifunctional platforms and high-speed platforms for the robotics sectorDeveloped the YRM20 as a first step toward using a high-efficiency multifunctional platform (launched sales in April 2020)Collaboration for factory-use Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs)Made preparations for establishing a joint-venture company for automated transporter solutionsLaunch sales of autonomous dronesDeveloped the YMR-08AP (launched in March 2020)Establish prospects for autonomous harvesting of more than one variety of cropsCommenced harvesting tests at a farmPromote activities for increasing the ratio of local talent in management positions to 60% at overseas subsidiariesContinue global recruitment (over 10% of new graduates in regular positions at headquarters)52%10%Number of women in management positions (2014: 16)2020: 322025: 48Implement trial of an after-school care program in the unique style of Yamaha for schoolchildrenObtain Eruboshi, Kurumin, and Platinum Kurumin national certification (Japan)Number of women in management positions: 34 Implemented trial of an after-school care program for schoolchildren in July 2020Implementing supplemental measures to address inadequate factors toward receiving certification23Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2020

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