Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2020

Important societal issuesRisks and opportunitiesUniquely Yamaha initiatives for resolving issuesVision for 2030Environment and resourcesRisks• Tightening of regulations and declining net sales due to the progression of global warming• Declining profits due to rising costs• Negative impact on corporate image• Delays in the economic independence of developing countries because of marine pollution• Impact of marine pollution on the fishing industry and marine leisureOpportunities• Growing trend of EVs replacing existing forms of mobility• Heightening demand for smaller forms of mobilityInitiatives for realizing a low-carbon society25% reduction in CO2 emissions from products (CO2/unit sales compared with 2010)* 2050 target: 50% reduction25% reduction in CO2 emissions generated during production (CO2/net sales compared with 2010)* 2050 target: 50% reductionInitiatives for achieving a recycling society18.7% reduction in waste generated during production (compared with 2010)* 2050 target: 50% reductionBringing safe water to people worldwideAssisting in village development by contributing to the provision of safe waterCreating a technology platform for electrificationMonitoring the electric power policies and battery technology innovations of various countries while promoting EV development in order to launch products in a timely mannerAchieving a more sustainable maritime societyAddressing the environmental problems faced by oceansTransportation, education, and industryRisks• Shift away from motorcycles due to more traffic accidents• Rise in traffic accidents caused by the elderly in developed nations• Fewer means of transportation in underpopulated areasOpportunities• Growing demand for motorcycles due to rising populations and incomes in developing countries• Greater need for smaller forms of automated mobility• Addressing and supplementing the aging workforce and labor shortages in the agriculture, fishing, and manufac-turing industries• Increased automation with the develop-ment of AI technologies• New mobility demand with CASE vehicles and Mobility as a Service (MaaS)Traffic congestion relief and environmental countermeasuresSelling electrically power-assisted bicycles in two or more emerging and developing economiesTraining to reduce traffic accidentsReduced number of fatalities due to traffic accidentsAchieving a more sustainable maritime societyConserving marine resourcesPopularizing diverse forms of mobility for the elderlyEstablished electrically power-assisted bicycles as an alternative form of mobility for elderly people in Japan who surrender their driving licenseEquipping products with digital devices for sound maintenanceEquipping an aggregate total of four million units by 2024 (target year)Offering low-speed mobility servicesSelling unmanned transportation systemsInnovationRisks• Declining competitiveness in the market and business environmentOpportunities• New forms of mobility that drive business• Offering solutions for the agricultural sector using robotics• Increased competitiveness due to the spurring of innovationDeveloping new forms of mobilitySelling new forms of mobility and having in place a model to drive businessPromotion of economic growthIncreased production efficiencyFreedom from menial work through autonomizationOptimizing entire factoriesOffering solutions for the agricultural sector using roboticsAchieved unmanned agricultural processes for several varieties of cropsHuman capital managementRisks• Labor shortages from falling birth rates and aging populations in developed nations• Unfair labor practices of suppliers and business partnersOpportunities• Acquisition of new capabilities through the promotion of diversity and inclusion• Increased drive with the recruitment of diverse and talented human capital from various countriesPromotion of diversity and inclusionA leading company for female employees to work atHighly international personnel at the headquartersImportant Societal Issues (Materiality Issues)Targets and ProgressToward Sustainable Growth22Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2020

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