Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2020

Rethinking SolutionPropose uniquely Yamaha solutionsTransforming MobilityPromote innovations in mobilityAdvancing RoboticsLeverage and evolve intelligent technologies and robotics as a foundationLong-Term VisionART for Human PossibilitiesThere Is Greater Joy Yet to Come*• Offer environmentally friendly personal means of transportation• Ensure safe water and resourcesEnvironment and resources• Offer safe, comfortable, and fun mobility services• Raise trafc safety awareness levels by bolstering riding safety training• Supportive training for engineers and the creation of employment opportunitiesTransportation, education, and industryThree Focus AreasATVs / ROVsMotorcyclesElectrically power-assisted bicyclesIndustrial machinery and robotsIndustrial-use unmanned helicoptersCreate new value for people’s time, mobility, and self-expressionLand MobilityP.70PoolsBoatsOutboard motorsReliable and rich marine lifeToward further increasing the value of the oceanPromote automation and labor-savings to free up valuable time for people RoboticsP.74Financial servicesFinancial ServicesP.76Offer services that strengthen relationships with customers and dealershipsBusiness OperationsGrowth Strategy DirectionsSocial Value That We Create• Freedom from menial work through automation and autonomization• Promote the use of intelligent tech-nologies and control technologiesInnovation• Promote diversity and inclusion• Organizational structure that creates job satisfactionHuman capital management* The statement made by Yamaha Motor at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show to express the world envisioned by its Long-Term Vision.19Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2020P.72Marine ProductsElectric wheelchairsGolf carsBecome a close part of customers’ lives and offer unique technology to support them OthersP.77

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