Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2020

Taking on the Challenge of Further GrowthIn 1953, when Japan was embarking on its road to recovery, Genichi Kawakami, the fourth president of Nippon Gakki Co., Ltd. (today’s Yamaha Corporation), gave the order to enter the motorcycle industry. Despite being a latecomer, Yamaha Motor was able to survive in an era in which the industry had already begun weeding out the weaker players and go on to establish its current brand value. This is thanks to the Spirit of Challenge passed on to each and every employee—to always try to create new Kando for society—but I also believe that it is thanks to the free and open-minded corporate culture we have that facilitates this spirit. People are the greatest source of value creation and hence management should be concerned first with how it can maximize the performance and motivation of organizations and individuals. In terms of human resource development, each year we are improving our human resource training programs aimed at a variety of employees. For example, we have established training tailored to employee position levels, training to hone specialist skills, schemes for gaining frontline experience outside Japan and overseas trainee programs for employees aspiring to be active on the global stage, and coaching to raise organizational performance by enhancing team strength. As a company operating globally, the promotion of diver-sity is essential in order to share as knowledge the environ-ments, cultures, and approaches of various countries and regions. In widely sharing such knowledge, the occasional clash of values leads to the creation of new values. Specifically, we convene the Global Executive Committee twice a year for our highest-ranking executives and global meetings several times a year for specific functions for exec-utives in the rank below. In this way, we are creating oppor-tunities for executives and employees from different countries and regions to inspire one another.Business trends are approaching a major paradigm shift due to the electrification of mobility, the rapid development of digital technologies, accompanying changes in various social frameworks, and other factors. In such a context, the advanced technologies and wide-ranging business platforms that we have built and developed as well as the capabilities of our people to turn ideas and concepts into reality will surely be a major driving force for the Company as it takes on the challenge of reaching the next stage of growth.While continuing to work in harmony with society and the environment, Yamaha Motor will endeavor to deliver joy, surprise, and delight as well as prosperity and happiness to people around the world through its products and services.Yoshihiro HidakaPresident, Chief Executive Officer and Representative DirectorIn a business environment approaching a major paradigm shift, we will create new Kando by exhaustively refining the unique style of Yamaha.17Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2020

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