Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2020

Aiming to Create Social ValueTo realize continuous growth, the Company identified in 2019 four important societal issues (materiality issues) that it can help resolve by leveraging its strengths: Environment and resources; Transportation, education, and industry; Innovation; and Human capital management. It is my belief that all these issues are directly connected not only to the Company’s brand value but its survival as well. With that in mind, we intend to focus our efforts on a range of initiatives in line with materiality issues. In particular, as a manufacturer selling products that emit exhaust gases, measures for the environment are a must for us and as mentioned previously, we are working to reduce CO2 emissions from our products while proactively developing electric mobility. Meanwhile, examples of the Company applying the tech-nologies, knowledge, and expertise it has garnered through its diverse range of businesses in order to help local com-munities include the clean water business in emerging and developing economies and our longtime work to help mod-ernize the fishing industry in Africa and elsewhere. I believe that these efforts not only contribute to the resolution of societal issues but also help raise our brand value in the course of establishing relationships of trust with local com-munities, and that this will lead to greater corporate value over the long term. Among the materiality issues identified, I view Innovation as the platform for the Company’s growth that is indispens-able for fulfilling its Long-Term Vision. Going forward, we will work on innovations such as developing new forms of mobility and providing solutions through robotics to supple-ment labor shortages. Within Yamaha Motor’s Monozukuri is its exclusive development ideal of Jin-Ki Kanno. This refers to technologies that seek to deliver to users the seductive exhilaration felt when they truly become one with their machine. We quantify and fine-tune this kind of exciting performance, which we call Kanno Seino, and build it into our products. For example, when creating a motorcycle, test riders systematically ride and evaluate it in the final stages of development, making confirmations and repeated improve-ments. This process is how Yamaha Motor creates a machine with response tuned to suit human sensibilities, enjoyable handling, chassis behavior bringing peace of mind, and more. In solving Innovation issues, we will use the same approach of exhaustively developing products with charac-teristics that appeal to all five senses. We will continue to provide new value to society through our technologies and sensibilities as a Kando Creating Company by infusing our core technological competencies and Jin-Ki Kanno into our products.commitment to appeal to human sensibilities and create Kando not only through tangible aspects (products) but also to embody this commitment through the services and experi-ences it offers to customers. This falls under the Confidence and Ties elements of the unique style of Yamaha. For example, we operate the bLU cRU*2 rider support program as part of our marketing activities in developed markets. bLU cRU’s most distinguishing feature is its all-around support for further enriching the riding lifestyles of Yamaha product owners. The program fosters interactions between Yamaha Motor and its customers—and among customers themselves—and embodies the goal behind the Company’s “Revs your Heart” brand slogan of delivering exceptional value and experiences that enrich the lives of our customers. Looking ahead, amid rising incomes and living standards in Southeast Asia and emerging markets, I believe that we will be able to put our branding efforts to work there when the role of motorcycles shifts from a means of daily commuting to a tool of choice for recreation.Through these initiatives, Yamaha Motor will strive to be a company chosen by customers that achieves continuous growth by constantly maintaining and improving its brand reputation and brand value. *1 A method of assessing brand strength provided by Interbrand Japan*2 An amateur racing contingency program for riders using Yamaha motorcycles and other productsFrom the PresidentToward Sustainable Growth16Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2020

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