Yamaha Motor Integrated Report 2020

Promoting Medium- to Long-Term StrategiesIn fiscal 2018, Yamaha Motor formulated its Long-Term Vision for 2030 under the slogan of “ART for Human Possibilities.” This vision clearly states the objectives and values Yamaha Motor would like to offer society amid the dramatic changes in the external environment and faster diversification of people’s values. I believe that the range of fields in which the Company can make a contribution is broadening due to societal changes that include the tighten-ing of regulations on exhaust emissions, electrification, aging populations in developed countries, and the advances in information technology (IT) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. By combining the core technological competen-cies we have developed to date with cutting-edge technolo-gies and pursuing co-creation with our business partners, we will seek to create a better society and better daily lives by offering products and services that build on people’s innate capabilities and possibilities.The strategy for achieving this goal is “ART for Human Possibilities.” The “robotics” in the strategy broadly refers to advanced technologies such as electronic control and AI, and forms the foundation for the next stage of growth in all our business activities. Another aspect of the strategy is “Uniquely Yamaha Solutions.” This refers to systems like the automated low-speed mobility (LSM) service we are conducting real-world testing for and the provision of non-hardware solutions. “Transforming Mobility,” another component of the strategy, concerns the offering of hard-ware solutions, headed by our Leaning Multi-Wheel (LMW)* technology and electric vehicles (EVs).The current Medium-Term Management Plan is positioned as the first three years for advancing reforms aimed at real-izing our Long-Term Vision, and we are working to reform our management platforms and promote growth strategies. Although our aforementioned business results in fiscal 2019 were unfavorable, we were still able to move our growth strategies forward according to plan.* Yamaha Motor’s designation for vehicles with three or more wheels that lean like a motorcycle through turnsReforming Our Management PlatformsWe are reforming our management platforms using the latest digital technologies and data in our R&D, manufactur-ing, and corporate fields.In the R&D field, we are advancing model-based systems engineering (MBSE). Utilizing simulation models in the devel-opment process covering initial design to verification, we can perform strength and fluid analyses, etc., to identify and solve problems at an early stage and thereby conduct more efficient development and manufacturing.In the manufacturing field, we are moving toward the use of smart factories. This entails using a variety of sensors to collect digital data on the operational status of a factory, carrying out big data analysis, and then feeding the results back into the operation of the factory. Doing so enables the early detection and prediction of irregularities, and in turn leads to more efficient management.In the corporate field, we will promote the overhaul of enterprise resource planning (ERP). In seeking the best arrangement for a global corporation, we will standardize and unify our core systems. We will work to reduce costs and implement our growth strategies by increasing the efficiency of indirect processes and shifting resources to growth fields. From the PresidentToward Sustainable Growth12Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2020

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