General Meeting of Shareholders Audit & Supervisory Board Audit & Supervisory Board Members’ OfceBoard of DirectorsChairmanPresident & CEO* Management Committee Risk Management and Compliance Committee Integrated Auditing DivisionHuman Resources & General Affairs Center Human Resources Division Global Human Resources Development Division General Affairs Division Risk Management & Compliance Division Legal & Intellectual Property Division Government & Industrial Affairs DivisionCorporate Planning & Finance Center Corporate Planning Division Finance & Accounting Division Business Management Division Business Process Innovation Division Corporate Communication Division Financial Service Development DivisionIT* Center Digital Strategy Division Process & IT DivisionDesign CenterMobility Technology Center NPM* Business Section EM* Development Section Motor Sports Section Digital Development SectionAdvanced Technology Center New Venture Business Development Section Research & Development SectionManufacturing Center Manufacturing Planning Section Manufacturing Section Manufacturing Engineering SectionManufacturing Technology CenterProcurement Center Strategy Planning Section Procurement SectionPowertrain Unit Powertrain Planning Section Powertrain Development SectionPF* Model Unit Engineering Promotion Section Electronics Technology Section PF Model Development SectionCS* Center Customer Quality Section After Sales Section Spare Parts SectionMotorcycle Business Operations 1st Business Unit 2nd Business Unit Total Strategy Section Quality Assurance SectionMarine Business Operations Planning Section Marine Engine Section Boat Section Pool Business Development Section Marketing Section Quality Assurance Section Automotive Business Unit Overseas Market Development Operation Business UnitSolution Business Operations Robotics Business Unit Surface Mount Technology Section Factory Automation Section Unmanned System Section Smart Power Vehicle Business Unit Yamaha Motor Powered Products Co., Ltd. (YMPC)Organization Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., as of April 1, 2019*Abbreviations:CEO: Chief Executive OfficerIT: Information TechnologyNPM: New Personal MobilityEM: Electric MobilityPF: PlatformCS: Customer ServiceYamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 201885

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