OverseasJapan1,5211,5031,6311,3581631661,4651,3391641,6701,5001701,6731,50616720142015201620172018Sales by product segment(Billion ¥)Percentage of sales by product segment(Year ended December 31, 2018)MotorcyclesOther productsIndustrial machinery and robotsPower productsMarine products9.2%61.1%20.6%4.2%4.9%JapanOverseas90.0%10.0%MotorcyclesOther productsts%61.1%4.9%JapanOverseas90.0%10.0%Operating income margin (%)87.2108.6130.,5211,631142276978391693091,0334786731,503152297930761,6701523241,04568821,6731543451,022708347MotorcyclesPower productsOther productsMarine productsIndustrial machinery and robotsNote: Net income per share—diluted for fiscal 2017 and 2018 are not listed as there were no potential shares with dilutive effect.Ratio of net income attributable to owners of parent to net sales (%)68.563.24.560.03.74.220142015201620172018101. income attributable to owners of parentFinancial HighlightsYamaha Motor Co., Ltd. and Consolidated SubsidiariesYears ended December 31Although sales rose at the marine products, power products, industrial machinery and robots, and other products businesses, a decline in motorcycle sales resulted in net sales being roughly flat with the previous year, at ¥1,673.1 billion.In terms of profit, sales growth and improved profitability were unable to absorb the effects of a decline in motorcycle sales in developed markets, a foreign-exchange loss, and other factors, and profit declined at all levels.POINTNet income attributable to owners of parent and ratio of net income attribut-able to owners of parent to net sales(Billion ¥)(%)Operating income and operating income margin(Billion ¥)(%)Net income per share(¥)Sales by market(Billion ¥)(Year ended December 31, 2018)Percentage of sales by marketOperating incomeNet income per share—dilutedNet income per share—basicYamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 201876

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