Important Areas of ActivitiesGlobal IssuesLocal IssuesKey ThemesDeveloping Future LeadersEnvironmental ConservationImproving Traffic SafetyResolving Local Community IssuesActivities• ‌Promoting mental/emotional and physical health through sports• ‌Promoting creativity through engineering, manufacturing, and marketing• ‌Environmental education for local communities• ‌Respecting biodiversity• ‌Providing traffic safety education to the community• ‌Raising awareness• ‌Supporting the community with Yamaha Motor’s products, human resources, and know-howCoexistence and mutual prosperity of the Company and local communitiesThe Yamaha Motor Group operates in locations around the world and our business activities help support local communities. Our products also play a role in enriching the lives of people around the world. We recognize the importance of maintaining a sustainable relationship through which the Company and local communities can coexist and mutually prosper. To achieve this, we place great importance on maintaining and enhancing a relationship of trust through daily communication with stakeholders in those communities.Developing Future LeadersJoint Monozukuri Classroom for children with Yamaha CorporationTo realize the theme of “Two Yamahas, One Passion,” musical instrument manufacturer Yamaha Corporation and Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., which share the same brand, hold Monozukuri Classrooms for children.At the Yamaha Communication Plaza, Yamaha Corporation held a “Let’s Make a Kalimba Thumb Piano” event where children used leftover and scrap wood from instrument manufacturing processes to make a traditional African musical instrument to learn about how sound is produced, while Yamaha Motor held a “Motor Construction Classroom” where children used electromagnetism to magnetize a nail, and made a motor by wrapping nichrome wire around the core portion of a motor and attaching it to a model car to make an electric vehicle.Environmental ConservationBeach Cleanup Activities for the Blue SeaYamaha Motor Vietnam (YMVN) has been conducting the Beach Cleanup Activities for the Blue Sea at beaches in various locations since 2015. A total of 2,500 people have participated over the last four years. Participants include YMVN officers, employees, and their family members who use some of their summer vacation to take part in these activities, which begin early in the morning. Participants walk along beaches and collect garbage such as bottles and plastic items. These activities are effective for reminding local residents and tourists of the importance of activities to preserve the global environment. They also contribute to the environment and the local community through social activities, offering excitement.Improving Traffic SafetyPartnering with vocational schools to reduce fatal traffic accidents among young peopleThe Yamaha Motor Group carries out a variety of safe riding programs to reduce motorcycle accidents around the world.In 2018, Thai Yamaha Motor concluded a comprehensive contract with six vocational schools in Thailand and launched activities to reduce fatal accidents among young people. Going forward, this tie-up plans to expand to 11 locations. Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 201874The Community

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