Yamaha Motor Group Environmental Plan 2050Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. announced the Yamaha Motor Group Environmental Plan 2050 in December 2018. This Plan aims to reduce CO2 emissions during product use, CO2 emissions during manufacturing and transport, and the volume of resources usage by 50% from the base year of 2010 by the target year of 2050. At the same time, the Plan also involves taking initiatives regarding environmental preservation and biodiversity from a global perspective.Action Themes2050 TargetsPriority ActionsLow Carbon Society(Products)Providing environmentally friendly personal mobility50% reduction of CO2 emissions from products by 2050 (on FY2010 levels)1Reduction of CO2 emissions from use of products by users (t-CO2/unit sales)Promotion of development to improve fuel efficiency2Development, promotion and spread of next-generation mobilityPromotion of development and the spread of products that respond to energy diversification(Business Activities)50% reduction of CO2 emissions throughout life cycle (on FY2010 levels)3Reduction of CO2 emissions generated in operation of production (t-CO2/net sales)Reduction of CO2 emissions per sales at factories globally4Reduction of CO2 emissions in logisticsReduction of CO2 emissions per transportation unitRecycling Society(Resources)50% reduction of “resource use” (on FY2010 levels)5Reduction of new resources use by recyclable resources usePromotion of saving of limited resources by 3R development/manufacturing6Reduction of waste generated in operation of productionPromotion of waste reduction7Reduction of water consumption in operation of productionPromotion of water consumption reduction activities based on water stress scenarios8Reduction of packing materials in logisticsEnhancing returnable packing materialsSociety in Harmony with NatureAddressing environmental preservation and biodiversity globally9Activities to protect fields of product use by users (land, sea and air)Promotion of activities to preserve nature globally10Activities to protect ecosystems of land/oceanPromotion of activities in line with our outline of biodiversity initiatives11Activities to contribute to solving environmental issues of each country and regionCarrying out activities by all employees to contribute to a sustainable worldManagementManagement12Strengthening of compliance with environmental laws and regulations and management of chemical materials in productsThorough implementation of environmental compliance in business activities in each country and region13Contribution to alleviation of air pollution globallyIntroduction of mobility in conformity with regulations on exhaust emissions in each country and region14Reduction of VOC emissions in operation of productionPromotion of VOC reduction per unit of painted area15Promotion of environmental activities in collaboration with suppliersPromotion of engagement with suppliers and reduction of burden through environmental surveys16Fostering awareness of environmental preservation through environmental education globallyCarrying out environmental education according to environmental issues in each country and regionThe EnvironmentYamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 201872

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