Fiscal 2019 Significant Risks at the Group LevelBackgroundMeasuresNatural disastersThe main Group manufacturing plants in Japan are concentrated near the epicenter of the predicted Nankai Trough Megaquake, and measures must be taken to prepare for typhoons and other natural disasters. Natural disasters have, therefore, been designated as significant risks.  The Group is promoting measures to deal with the scenario of a Nankai Trough Megaquake as well as measures to address earthquakes, typhoons, and other natural disasters.Violation of laws and regulations concerning product qualityCompliance with regard to product quality is a fundamental and important issue for manufacturers. Further strengthening the structures put in place by the Group to prevent the violation of laws and regulations is necessary. Violation of laws and regulations concerning product quality has, therefore, been designated as a significant risk.The Group is striving to gain information regarding the establishment of and changes to laws and regulations concerning product quality. In addition, the Group is working to create mechanisms that reflect this information appropriately in in-house regulations and standards, while pursuing improvement activities and other efforts. Major accidents involving a Yamaha product A major accident involving a Yamaha product is one of the causes of market penalties such as large-scale recalls. The Group must make continual efforts to eliminate the occurrence of such incidents. Major accidents involving a Yamaha product have, therefore, been designated as significant risks.The Group is promoting information-gathering activities linked to product accidents and making efforts to raise quality awareness among all employees (“I am Yamaha” activities).CybersecurityThe degree of reliance on and the importance of information systems within the Group’s business activities is increasing. Measures are needed to prevent leaks of personal or confidential information, information system damage, etc., caused by cyberattacks and computer virus infections. Cybersecurity has, therefore, been designated as a significant risk. The Group is taking measures covering both tangible and intangible aspects of cybersecurity to increase protection against external attacks, to detect an attack at an early stage, and to minimize the damage in the event of an attack.Crisis Management Structure and ActivitiesThe Yamaha Motor Group works to minimize the damage from and quickly resolve crisis situations as per the “Rules for Initial Response to an Emergency.”In the event of a disaster, accident, or compliance-related incident at the Group, the division involved will report to the risk management supervising section or the divisions in charge of risk management as per standards for determining the level of reporting, which are set in advance. If the reported event is of a scale significant enough to warrant the involvement of Group management or multiple divisions and/or companies, the risk management supervising section will refer the matter to a response team designated in advance, and an Emergency Countermeasure Headquarters chaired by the President will be established. The headquarters will work to understand the situation and formulate a provisional response, and if necessary, will promptly report on the matter to customers and related parties.Management of InformationThe Yamaha Motor Group formulated the Yamaha Motor Group—Privacy Policy in 2003 and complies with the local laws and regulations related to the protection of personal information in each of the countries in which it operates. In Japan, we responded proactively to the introduction of the My Number system in 2016 by formulating the Yamaha Motor Group Detailed Operational Guidelines relating to the Protection of Designated Personal Information in 2015. We have also reflected the 2017 revisions to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information in the previously formulated Group Operational Guidelines for Protecting Personal Information and expanded coverage to the Group’s subsidiaries in Japan. As for the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) enacted in Europe in 2018, Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. and the Company are working together toward global compliance.Employees handling personal information undergo training and education via compliance seminars held by the risk management supervising section and e-training. The divisions in charge of risk management also provide direct advice and guidance and other measures to ensure that customer information is handled appropriately.Business Continuity Planning To prepare against envisioned risks that could impact the continuity of our business, Yamaha Motor has formulated “Rules of Business Continuity” and responds as per those Rules.Yamaha Motor’s primary operations are concentrated in Shizuoka Prefecture, and could be affected if a major earthquake were to occur in the Nankai Trough. To prepare for this, we have formulated a Business Continuity Plan to maintain the continuity of business operations based on the damage projected by government bodies, and are placing foremost priority on the lives and safety of our employees.Specifically, buildings and equipment have been made earthquake-and tsunami-resistant, emergency stockpiles of food, water, and other essentials are maintained, emergency methods for telecommunications are in place, and Companywide evacuation drills (including at Group companies located nearby and night drills) and safety confirmation drills are carried out regularly. Also, regular initial response drills are carried out at the headquarters and individual business units, procedures to restore operations have been clarified, and a system for gathering supply chain information is in place. These and other measures addressing both tangible and intangible effects are carried out comprehensively and continuously.Another concern is the outbreak of a potentially global pandemic. To prepare for this possibility, Group companies identify issues that could affect the continuity of their operations and formulate response plans. Drills simulating actions to be taken at various stages prior to the full-scale outbreak of a pandemic are carried out regularly, and a structure is in place to guarantee that businesses are able to continue operating.Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 201871

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