Risk Management StructureBased on the Rules of Risk Management, the risk management structure works toward the thorough reduction of risks on a Groupwide basis, and is led by the Risk Management and Compliance Committee and its subordinate council, the Risk Management and Compliance Promotion Meeting, which is comprised of the risk management supervising section and divisions in charge of risk management. The Committee, chaired by the President and Chief Executive Officer, monitors risk on a Groupwide basis while also designating significant risks at the Group level to be tackled as priorities and checking on activities to address risk.Furthermore, the divisions in charge of risk management formulate response policies and rules for the risks under their charge, promote activities to address risk based on these response policies, etc., and monitor activities at headquarters divisions and Group companies.Risk Management Activity CycleRisk management activities are promoted through the repetition of the following PDCA (plan, do, check, and act) cycle. The Yamaha Motor Group has prepared a risk management ledger of all risks that need to be covered, and works to reduce risk by appropriately managing and operating the risk management ledger.Significant Risks at the Group LevelEach year, risks that need to be prevented and addressed with special priority are determined to be significant risks at the Group level. In addition to the results of risk assessment at the Group level, significant risks at the Group level can be comprehensively determined and designated based on the Group’s business strategy, legal and regulatory changes inside or outside the Group, or other developments, including information concerning the likelihood of a risk event occurring or the operating environment.An introduction to the Yamaha Motor Group’s initiatives in the areas of risk management, crisis management, and business continuity• Designation of significant risks at the Group level• Formulation of activity policy• Preparation of activity plan• Analysis of information from inside and outside the Company• Risk assessment• Review of risk management ledger• Activities to address risks• Monitoring of activities• Review of activity results• Incorporation into activities for the next fiscal yearDoCheckActPlanPresident and Chief Executive OfficerRisk Management and Compliance CommitteeHeadquarters divisions and Group companiesRisk Management and Compliance Promotion Meeting(Subordinate council of the Committee)Seeking adviceThorough implementation of policiesManagement based on rulesMonitoring of activitiesReporting of important mattersReporting of urgent mattersConsultation on individual issuesMaking recommendationsDiagram of Risk Management StructureRisk ManagementYamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 201870

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