1967Offered new excitement with a sports car that incorporated the latest, most advanced technologiesToyota 2000GT1978Developed snow blower specically for Japanese snowYT665 six-hp snow blower1968Delivered greater accessibility on snowSL350 snowmobile1977Established “soft bikes” that allow women to ride with peace of mindPassolContinuing to pursue challenges as a Kando Creating Company 2014Achieved a new riding style with the stability of twin front wheelsTricity LMW*1995Offered wheelchair electric power unit with light weight and long range for easier mobilityJW-I wheelchair electric power unit2017Helped lighten the burden on researchers while reducing both development time and costCELL HANDLERTM cell picking & imaging system2010Made lives more secure with safe waterYamaha Clean Water Supply System, a small-scale water purication system1993Released commuter vehicle that is comfortable and environmentally friendlyPAS electrically power-assisted bicycle1987Contributed to labor-saving and increased efciency in agricultural operationsR-50 (L09) industrial-use unmanned helicopter2002Introduced an environmentally friendly urban commuter scooterPassol electric commuter1987Entered new eld of surface mounters for printed circuit boardsYM4600S surface mounter*Leaning Multi-Wheel: Yamaha’s designation for vehicles with three or more wheels that lean like a motorcycle when making turns.Promoted globalization and structural reform during a prolonged recessionPursued sensibility and rationality for a period of intense competition2000-2010-2018Achieved sporty, smooth cornering and natural steering with LMW front-end condenceNIKENNet sales¥1,673.1 billion5Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2018

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