Specifically, we carry out strategic investments for growth in such efforts as “Rethinking Solution” unique to Yamaha and “Transforming Mobility,” as we implement “Advancing Robotics” as our core technologies. We also expand human possibilities and contribute to the realization of better society and more fulfilling life (through our concept of “ART for Human Possibilities”).Under the medium-term management target, we will take on the renewed challenge of achieving net sales of ¥2 trillion by continuing to grow our existing businesses and developing new ones, targeting an operating income margin at the 9% level. At the same time, we will enhance returns to our shareholders.*‌Kando is a Japanese word for the simultaneous feelings of deep satisfaction and intense excitement that we experience when we encounter something of exceptional value.Basic Views on Corporate GovernanceTo ensure the implementation of the Company’s growth strategies for the future, Yamaha Motor’s Board of Directors establishes an environment that supports management’s appropriate risk-taking and decisive decision-making activities, and multilaterally understands and appropriately oversees issues and risks associated with the implementation of the Company’s management strategies from the viewpoint of fulfilling responsibilities to various stakeholders including shareholders and investors.This structure is designed to implement speedy and decisive decision making, and appropriate, transparent and fair supervision and monitoring as the Company’s corporate governance. Accordingly, we formulate corporate governance guidelines and put them into practice in an appropriate manner.Corporate Governance Guidelineshttps://global.yamaha-motor.com/ir/governance/pdf/corporate_governance_guidelines-e.pdfYamaha Motor’s Corporate Governance System and Internal Control System (As of March 28, 2019)Business sectors, Functional sectors, Corporate sectors, SubsidiariesBoard of Directors11 Directors(including 4 Outside Directors)President, ChiefExecutive Officer andRepresentative DirectorExecutive PersonnelCommitteeAppointment/DismissalSeeking advice/Making recommendationsSeeking advice/Making recommendationsSeeking advice/Making recommendationsInstruction/ReportInstruction/ReportBusiness ExecutionAuditCoordinationAppointment/DismissalAppointment/DismissalAccounting auditInternal auditAuditCoordinationCoordinationAppointment/DismissalSupervisionReporting business execution situationsManagement CommitteeRisk Management andCompliance CommitteeIntegrated AuditingDivisionAudit & Supervisory Board MembersAudit & Supervisory Board4 Audit & Supervisory Board Members(including 2 Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Members)External AuditorGeneral Meeting of ShareholdersYamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 201861

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