Leadership is needed to spur innovation in areas like developing new markets and products.—Genichi TamatsukaTamatsuka: I agree. Given the Company’s current situation, we are able to distinguish between the areas where we should be investing and areas from which we should withdraw. I think a corporate culture that emphasizes discussion and balance is wonderful, but I believe there are more ways for leadership to be deployed other than being top-down. Kamigama: It is possible to take a top-down approach, saying “Invest more resources in this area.” That is how I did it. Tamatsuka: I believe the innovation seen in Monozukuri and opera-tions from the top-down implementation of a platform strategy and theoretical-value-based production since the global financial crisis has been fantastic. Going forward, however, unlike Monozukuri innovation under a top-down approach, I believe we need leadership that can spur new innovation in areas like developing new markets and new types of products. I see now as the time to generate further growth from each of the three pillars of land mobility, marine products, and robotics, and to work toward the creation of a fourth pillar. As a member of the management team, I will work to fulfill my responsibil-ity to spur this new innovation.Kamigama: I believe it will be difficult to grow in robotics and vehicle sharing with our current internal resources alone. I am, therefore, very open to mergers and acquisitions. I think we should proactively pursue attractive deals, and of course, identify risks, but if mergers and acquisitions are pursued after analyzing risks and recognizing the risks that can be managed, I will be supportive.Tamatsuka: Yamaha Motor has a valued brand, a corporate culture, superior human resources, and a global network. In a time of drastic changes like we are seeing today, the important thing is speed, and generating greater speed should come from ourselves rather than from external forces. We need to do all we can toward that end. We will provide robust support to achieve this.Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 201859

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