Dialogue between Outside DirectorsThe Board of Directors engages in free and open-minded deliberations, and is organized to ensure thorough discussion.—Takehiro Kamigama Motor’s high-performance products, but that should not be the only thing we are able to do. It is important to think about social issues and a consumer perspective concretely and realistically, and to tie that into Monozukuri. Evaluating the effectiveness of the Board of DirectorsKamigama: The Board of Directors engages in free and open-minded deliberations. In the case of Yamaha Motor, in addition to taking questions from Outside Directors, other Directors proactively express their opinions and engage in lively deliberations. Meetings of the Board of Directors are designed and organized to ensure thorough discussion, facilitated by Chairman Yanagi.Tamatsuka: I am impressed by how the annual plan and items of discussion for the Board of Directors are set for various purposes, including deliberating items to be resolved and as research forums to discuss next-generation mobility for the near future. In addition, the Executive Personnel Committee interviews up-and-coming managers and shares information regarding how current management evaluates those candidates. I am impressed by this open culture that provides opportunities to discuss the Company’s sustainability.Kamigama: Many boards of directors operate under tight schedules, with items proposed and directors simply asked to approve them. There are cases where deliberations become tangled or complicated, but at Yamaha Motor, items are presented for approval after several rounds of discussions have been held, so there are no surprises. I think this is very good. It also means that decisions of the Board of Directors are made quickly.Issues regarding Yamaha Motor’s sustainable growthKamigama: Yamaha Motor is currently pursuing a variety of initiatives, including reevaluations of the business models for both developed and emerging markets, but going forward, speedy decisions will need to be made regarding new initiatives.Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 201858

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