common criteria and processes.In 2016, the Yamaha Exchange Program (YEP) was introduced, and human resources from overseas subsidiaries are being assigned to managerial positions of general manager or above at our headquarters. The current general manager of the Global Human Resources Development Division is a non-Japanese employee who was dispatched to headquarters from Yamaha Motor Europe N.V.Based on its fundamental belief that “all corporate activity originates first of all with and for people,” the Company has clearly defined its stance on human rights in the Basic Policies of CSR and the Code of Ethics. Moreover, to maintain continuous growth, we believe it is important that our workforce incorporates diverse viewpoints and values, reflecting different experiences, skills, and attributes.Promotion of active participation by womenWe have set and are pursuing targets of doubling the number of women hired for managerial positions in 2014 by 2020, and to hire three times the 2014 number by 2025.Utilization of capabilities of people with disabilitiesIn October 2015, we established Yamaha Motor MIRAI Co., Ltd. to provide a place where people with disabilities can participate actively in accordance with their capabilities and to promote their social independence. Areas of operation are being expanded to areas such as parts packaging, office cleaning, and data entry in an effort to increase job satisfaction and motivation.Multifaceted human resources developmentWe are enhancing various human resources development programs at the Company. In addition to stratified training, function-based training, overseas field experience, trainee programs, and support for studying at a university abroad, we also have a coaching program to enhance performance as an organization with cohesive teamwork.Supporting work-life balanceWe aim to create workplaces that promote a healthy work-life balance for employees at the Company. We are enhancing our systems so that employees can work in ways that suit their individual circumstances, by providing childcare leave, nursing care leave, and family illness leave, as well as systems such as flexible work time, short working hours, and the rehiring of employees who resigned to accompany their spouse on overseas postings.Workplace safety and healthWe strive to prevent occupational accidents by performing risk assessments in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Management System to detect potential dangers and harmful conditions in the workplace.Employee healthWe are engaged in a wide variety of initiatives to help employees maintain and improve their health. Because we have many employees stationed overseas, we hold training on infectious diseases and general health management for employees who are scheduled to be stationed overseas prior to posting. In 2018, we acquired the “Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program (White 500)” certification from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as a company and organization that is particularly outstanding in conducting health and productivity management.Organization thriving on diversityYamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 201853

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