Overseas sales account for 90% of the net sales of Yamaha Motor. There are over 90 Group companies overseas, with approximately 70,000 employees (including regular employees and non-regular employees) working worldwide.Under these circumstances, we are promoting the development and implementation of common executive and employee development programs around the world, introduction of global personnel policies for the development and promotion of competitive human resources, and organization building that takes advantage of global experience and knowledge.In order to provide experience in the global arena and develop knowledge for the future, we have launched a program called the Global Executive Program (GEP). To date, a total of 56 participants from 15 countries have participated in this elite program. Recently, a training program called YBS-G (Yamaha Business School Global) has also been established for future executives to learn in a richly diverse environment.The aim of this program is to encourage the promotion of outstanding human resources to management positions regardless of nationality, place of birth or any attributes, and to increase the percentage of local managers holding management positions at overseas subsidiaries to 60%.The Global Human Resources Development Division was established in 2015 to handle the development of global talent that embodies the Yamaha brand. This division also has the role of placing appropriate human resources in appropriate positions in a timely manner at Group companies around the world. For this reason, we have enabled the evaluation and central management of the duties fulfilled by management positions at Group companies around the world with Framework for the development and placement of global human resourcesThe foundation of our global human resources activities began in 2012, when the first GEP was held. In July of the following year, the first annual global human resources meeting was held at our headquarters. At that time, our global human resources framework was established, and the contents of related activities were specified.In 2014, global grading (a method of job evaluation) activities standardized for global executive positons were initiated. Successor development activities were also implemented in accordance with the situation. Since then, fine adjustments to these activities have been made and they are now visualized within the HRIS (Human Resources Information System).In 2014, the RDP (Regional Development Program) was started for human resources development. This program is intended for talent in each region with the aim of preparing to supply talented human resources to YBS-G and GEP in the future. The combination of these three development programs forms a meaningful and systematic global human resource development pyramid.In addition, we have a development cycle model based on the specific competencies of the Company in order to develop human resources who embody the Yamaha brand. Furthermore, YEP is currently being expanded in terms of both regions and positions. The Company will seize the opportunity for globalization, further strengthen these programs, and provide more employees with opportunities to take on challenges at other Group companies and work at rewarding positions. This will be mutually beneficial for both individual employees and the Company.Last, the Global Human Resources Development Division has started a project called Global Communication Enhancement. There are plans to improve English and cross-cultural skills of Yamaha Motor Group personnel in order to promote better global communication at the headquarters and Group companies. Global communication aimed at transformation is the key to success and is also in line with the Company’s Long-Term Vision.MANAGEMENT INTERVIEWMelanie TupsGeneral Manager of the Global Human Resources Development DivisionYamaha Motor Co., Ltd.Activities to Support Value CreationHuman Resources DevelopmentYamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 201852

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