I have participated in the GMSM as a marketing representative from Thai Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (TYM) from the first session in 2015. I have had a fantastic time participating in this program and have been inspired by the many wonderful ideas that I was able to incorporate after returning to my home country. We have adopted a sales channel evaluation concept that was presented by Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd. (YMCA) in 2015, and developed a unique system for improving the operational efficiency of dealers in Thailand that continues to this day. In addition, ideas related to digital marketing from Yamaha Motor do Brasil Ltda. have also produced results. These are practical examples of “Think globally, act locally.”This year, I have been assigned as a Marketing Advisor at Yamaha Motor headquarters, responsible for global marketing and strengthening of the brand, and providing advice based on my past experiences at the GMSM. The network of this program is being expanded to countries around the world through the involvement of new members from the new generation. The most interesting aspect of this program is watching the younger generation learn and share new ideas through Yamaha Motor’s global network.Participating members focus primarily on improving customer satisfaction and discussing methods of building deep relationships with customers. I am confident that such occasions represent good opportunities to nurture the Yamaha brand among members participating in the GMSM. It is clear that this program will allow us to make further improvements to The Global Yamaha Way, through sales and marketing. Let us work together going forward.MANAGEMENT INTERVIEWJintana UdomsubCorporate Executive Advisor of TYMあたりbLU cRU is a support program to improve loyalty among amateur racing riders and was shared by YMUS (Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A.). It is currently being applied in many markets, including Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, and Mexico according to their respective market environments, and has developed into a global initiative toward Yamaha Motor lifetime customer development.Introduction of a successful case—bLU cRUあたりYamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 201851

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