Wisdom in MiS tends to be dependent on individuals and is often passed down as tacit knowledge. The GMSM was started in 2015 as a forum for sharing and utilizing such tacit knowledge as explicit knowledge on a global level.The objective is to improve the competitiveness of Yamaha Motor in global markets by sharing successful cases from countries around the world in accordance with The Global Yamaha Way in MiS, and putting the lessons learned into practice at various customer contact points. To this end, rather than incorporating these successful cases into a manual to be implemented worldwide, a Teach & Learn approach has been adopted in which participants employ a common framework to organize the facts regarding successful cases, and analyze the factors underlying each success in order to teach each other and learn about the approaches behind these cases. Until now, the GMSM has been held six times, during which 54 success cases have been shared, and have been applied to 35 cases.GMSM (Global Marketing in Sales Meeting)The Global Yamaha Way in Marketing in SalesMarketing is an activity that views the needs of customers as the starting point of all corporate activities and pursues sustainable growth by constantly enhancing customer satisfaction. A part of such marketing efforts that should be engaged by members involved in sales and after-sales is called Marketing in Sales (MiS). These activities are based on the wisdom of pioneers who have shouldered the Yamaha brand and developed Yamaha fans, and an approach that has been valued to support the unique style of Yamaha. These are documented as shared values in The Global Yamaha Way in MiS.Dealers, distributors and Yamaha Motor all working in union as Team Yamaha to increase Yamaha customers.Pass on Yamaha’s shared values and know-how to develop Team Yamaha person.[Vision] Continue to Create Lifetime Yamaha Customers[Mission] Be Customer-Centric, Think Out of the Box, Be Result-OrientedYamaha Person/Team is who: Love Yamaha, Act as a Team Player, Be an Expert in Your Job, Commit to Your PromiseActivities to Support Value CreationMarketingYamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 201850

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