The business environment is undergoing significant changes due to the spread of networks and mobile devices, resulting changes in customer behavior, and the advance of digital technologies such as the IoT (Internet of Things), in which everything is connected to the Internet and AI. While responding to this new competitive environment, we will regard these changes as opportunities and conduct the following measures to improve the customer experience through the use of digital technology and data, and thereby contribute to sales and profits. Along with the advance of IoT and the use of digital technologies, the importance of cybersecurity measures is increasing not only for corporate systems and client devices, but also for plant facilities and the various products and services provided by Yamaha Motor. The Yamaha Motor Group will establish a structure for cybersecurity countermeasures, including IT, OT (operational technology), and products, and steadily take actions regarding cybersecurity.The Yamaha Motor Group has approximately 1,800 IT resources globally, including information systems subsidiary Yamaha Motor Solutions Group (Japan, China, and India), IT departments at individual business locations, and contract employees. We will flexibly use these IT resources and coordinate appropriately with our external partners while promoting the global digital transformation of the Yamaha Motor Group.Provision of new value and contributions to sales and profits through the use of digital technology and dataCybersecurity measuresFlexible use of global consolidated IT resources and global IT governance• Provision of new value to customers through the network connection and data utilization of products• Digital marketing through the omni-channel• Smart operations• Establishment of a functional Center of Excellence in data analysisIT infrastructure that supports product connectivityComprehensive digital marketingTraining data scientistsAccessing websiteVisitingPurchaseServiceClient ApplicationIoT Application PlatformLTE NetworkMQTTIoTG/WDataStoreIoTDB IoT Device / Telecom NetworkIoT Data PlatformAPIOperation SystemsApplicationDBCustomersDealersYamahaNewWebsite viewerProspective customerPre/In/PostIntegrated marketingCustomerPost-StoreReduction of exit ratePre-StoreImprovement of customer transfer rateIn-StoreImprovement of close rateYamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 201847

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