The IT Center was newly established in January 2019 to accelerate the growth strategy of the Yamaha Motor Group through the strategic use of IT, digital technologies, and data. The IT Center will focus on the following five theme areas in the new Medium-Term Management Plan, and promote digital transformation on a global basis.In promoting the digital transformation of the Yamaha Motor Group, it is necessary to establish an infrastructure that connects not only the headquarters and business locations, but also plant facilities around the world, network-connected products, and various other devices. To that end, we are working to design and build next-generation IT infrastructure using new technologies.Accelerate the Yamaha Growth Strategy by IT, Digital, and DataEstablishment of next-generation IT and digital infrastructure that supports digital transformationUntil now, the core IT systems that support the operations of the Yamaha Motor Group have been optimized for each region and business process. However, the optimization of individual systems can present obstacles to making prompt management and business decisions as a consolidated Group. In light of this situation, the global core IT infrastructure system will be overhauled over a period of six years and completed by the end of 2024. In this manner, we will achieve faster decision making and predictive management, and accelerate the shift of internal resources to areas of differentiation.Establishment of a global consolidated database and renewal of our core IT systemsAchievement of faster decision making and predictive management while simultaneously shifting resources to areas of differentiation• Establishment of a global consolidated database (layer 1: consolidated business management, layer 2: digital data infrastructure)• Overhaul of the core IT system at each business location (maximum use of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) packages)• Standardization of the code that links the IT systems at individual business locations with the consolidated database, and establishment of data integration infrastructureOverall renewal image of core IT systemsYamaha Motor global functionsLayer 2Digital data infrastructureManagement dashboardUtilization of digital dataGlobal supply chain managementConsolidated business managementGlobal common masterConsolidated business databaseIntegrated interfaceJapanAccountingProcurementManufacturingSales/logisticsRepair partsServiceMarketNorth AmericaEuropeAsiaChina, TaiwanCentral & South AmericaOperationsProductsMarketingLayer 1Consolidated business management infrastructureIntegrated interfaceLocationsSubsidiaries’ functionsProcesses without individual systems: ERP packagesProcesses with individual systems: dedicated systemsActivities to Support Value CreationIT StrategyYamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 201846

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