Based on current and future markets, technologies, social environments, and other trends, we have designated areas to promote sustainable growth in our Long-Term Vision of “ART for Human Possibilities” as well as in our medium- to long-term growth strategies toward the creation of new value. To achieve this, we are working to transform the intellectual properties that support this into advanced “assets” in line with each respective growth area.As shown above, Yamaha Motor’s intellectual property efforts involve creating, protecting, and using its increasingly global and advanced intellectual properties as “assets” to engage in corporate activities in various countries and regions, support the creation of new value based on medium- to long-term growth strategies, and promote the Company’s sustainable growth. To aid in accelerating these intellectual property efforts, we are also cooperating with activities to promote application examinations at the patent offices of various countries, working in coordination with customs and enforcement agencies of various countries to expose counterfeit goods, and engaging in a wide range of other efforts.Going forward, we will continue to regard intellectual properties as important “assets” that support our sustainable growth and creation of new value as a “Kando Creating Company,” and work to create, protect, and use these increasingly global and advanced intellectual properties to an even greater degree while enhancing their value.Portfolio in growth areasExpanding via co-creation with partnersExpanding with a combination of technologies• System Supplier• Electrification• Sharing• Agriculture• Medical• AutonomousContinuous and steady growth+Inorganic growthNew TechnologyExisting TechnologyExisting MarketsNew MarketsExpanding with Funds/M&AInorganic growthYMR-08Inventions related to drones for more efficient crop dustingNIKENInventions related to the new “LMW Ackerman steering geometry” steering structureOutboard motorsInventions related to the Integrated Electric Steering SystemPublic Personal MobilityInventions related to fleet controlCELL HANDLERTMInventions related to devices that select and move target cells with high speed and precisionNext-generation boat control systemsInventions related to onboard controls enabling boat operation at will on the waterMWC-4Inventions related to attitude control that create new riding sensations MOTOROiDInventions related to self-balancing control to remain upright even when stoppedMOTOBOTInventions related to optimized control of vehicle dynamics while avoiding fallsTRITOWNInventions related to vehicle mechanisms that create new riding sensationsYamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 201845

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