To promote the sustainable growth of its corporate activities conducted around the world, Yamaha Motor proactively creates, protects, and uses its intellectual properties. In particular, we do not view intellectual properties simply as “rights,” but rather as “assets” supporting our business activities and growth strategies in various countries and regions, and we use them to create new value as a “Kando Creating Company.”Yamaha Motor is expanding its corporate activities on a global scale with an eye on current and future markets, technologies, social environments, and other trends. To do this, we are working to transform the intellectual properties supporting this into global “assets,” not only in developed markets with well-established intellectual property systems like Japan, the United States, and Europe, but also in countries and regions experiencing remarkable growth throughout Asia, Africa, and Central and South America.In addition, we hold trademark rights in 258 countries and regions.*As of February 15, 2019AsiaAfricaOceaniaLatin AmericaEuropeNorth AmericaTotalPatentsNo. of registered6,468 364 8 148 4,289 2,018 13,295 No. of countries/regions registered18 36 1 4 16 2 77 DesignsNo. of registered694 143 12 81 3,634 158 4,722 No. of countries/regions registered20 37 3 5 29 2 96 North AmericaNo. of registered patents and designs: 2,176Latin America and the CaribbeanNo. of registered patents and designs: 229AfricaNo. of registered patents and designs: 507EuropeNo. of registered patents and designs: 7,923AsiaNo. of registered patents and designs: 7,162OceaniaNo. of registered patents and designs: 20Global portfolioActivities to Support Value CreationIntellectual Property StrategyYamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 201844

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