MANAGEMENT INTERVIEWAchievements in 2018We have completed the deployment of first-generation model variations based on our global platform strategy, and contributed to our medium-term goal of deploying 270 new models. In addition, we have released the NIKEN in developed countries as the world’s first sport LMW and as a flagship model for “the growing world of personal mobility.” The NIKEN has received praise from the markets.Direction for the futureWhile responding to changes in global environmental regulations, we will gradually overhaul our the platforms that embody the riding pleasure, comfort, and convenient mobility unique to Yamaha Motor. The keys to achieving this aim are technologies to reduce weight and size, and the application of integrated vehicle control technologies to minimize user stress and maximize riding fun and trust. Miniaturization technologies will make it easier to equip products with riding support systems that reduce burdens on the rider, and we will develop platforms equipped with integrated vehicle control technologies that allow users to enjoy riding with more peace of mind. In the growing world of personal mobility, we will work to achieve more advanced self-balancing technology and seek LMW innovations while accelerating the deployment of products capable of providing the thrill of leaning mobility to more driver’s license holders.Value we offerIn order to realize our Long-Term Vision, we will use advanced control technologies to create innovative leaning mobility. By doing so, we will conceive designs unique to Yamaha Motor that appeal to the senses and provide Kando that stimulates the right side of the brain, and thereby continue to create enthusiastic Yamaha Motor fans worldwide.Toyoshi NishidaExecutive OfficerChief General Manager of PF Model UnitChassis and hullsLMW TechnologyOur innovative mechanism offers a new form of personal mobility and riders greater peace of mind, comfort, and fun. LMW (Leaning Multi-Wheel) technology is a new challenge we are engaged in and represents another path of evolution for mobility.Electronic controlAutonomous Navigation UnitWe will realize the automation of various forms of mobility and robotics via a general-purpose, automated driving core unit that employs AI.Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 201843

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