*Yamaha Motor’s exclusive development ideal dened as the seductive exhilaration felt when a person becomes one with the machine.MANAGEMENT INTERVIEWAchievements in 2018• Equipped the GRAND FILANO with an SMG (Smart Motor Generator), a hybrid powertrain that combines an engine and a motor to achieve improved fuel efficiency• Expanded commuter models equipped with “BLUE CORE” engines, which realize a high-level balance between being fun to ride, fuel efficiency and environmental performanceDirection for the futureThe Powertrain Unit is the department responsible for our models’ power units, which serve as the hearts of many Yamaha Motor products. Today, with the current diversification of technology, using electric motors and batteries in addition to conventional internal combustion engines and drivetrains, either separately or combined, according to a model’s intended use is important. During development, we constantly pursue efficiency by seeking improvements in both power output and fuel economy.In particular, we are currently focused on development related to reductions in CO2 emissions toward achieving a zero-carbon society as a pressing part of our social responsibility.Value we offerAs power sources for numerous Yamaha Motor products, it is not enough to only meet the demands of society; we need to create excitement and Kando together with our customers. When speaking of the unique style of Yamaha internally, key words that are always mentioned together with Jin-Ki Kanno* and “high performance” are “lightweight and compact.” To stay in touch with our customers and achieve our mutual aims together, our power units must provide strong support for our customers, who play the leading role, but not become a burden or inconvenience. This is why it is important our power units be lightweight and compact. We are constantly engaged in a wide range of technological development with the aim of using the best technologies to stay close to customers and help them fulfill their wishes.Heiji MaruyamaSenior Executive OfficerChief General Manager of Powertrain UnitYamaha Motor will broaden its businesses, products, and customers centered around the four core technical competencies of powertrains, electronic control, chassis and hulls, and manufacturing.Some representative examples are described here.Yamaha Motor’s core technical competenciesPowertrainsHigh-Output, High-Efficiency Electric VehiclesTo help overcome the challenges of delivering high output from lighter and more compact components while still being easy to ride where the bike responds just as the rider intends, we created a competition electric trials model.Activities to Support Value CreationResearch and DevelopmentYamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 201842

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