YMR-08 industrial multi-rotor drone MOTOROiD05GENThe Company has set forth “ART for Human Possibilities” in its Long-Term Vision, and we have incorporated elements of fun that will lead to ART in our products and services. Although the expanding possibilities of humankind can be partially explained logically with science, ART has the power to make people feel joy and happiness viscerally. We will continue our growth by giving birth to value that makes our customers happy, based on the vision of “ART for Human Possibilities.” We believe that this embodies “the unique style of Yamaha.”Realizing our Long-Term VisionWe engage in design based on the “product-in” approach. This approach is a style of making a proposal to the world through the incorporation of new value we have conceived in a product or concept models, rather than a “product-out” approach that is based on the ideas of the creators, or a “market-in” approach that is based on user needs.We established the Yamaha Motor Innovation Center for the purpose of changing our organization, people, and work frameworks, and strengthening co-creation above and beyond the design, development, and manufacturing departments. One of the achievements created by the Innovation Center is MOTOROiD, which was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2017. MOTOROiD is the result of a “product-in” proposal using design and technology that were co-created from the design conception phase, and received the top three design awards in the industry (The International Design Excellence Awards, Red Dot Award, and the iF DESIGN AWARD) in recognition of its high level of performance and styling. In addition, we have developed concept models and products proposing new value, including the 05GEN proposed in the “island development” project on Omishima Island, Ehime Prefecture and the industrial multi-rotor drone YMR-08 introduced to the market in 2018.Proposing new value through co-creationYamaha Motor Innovation CenterYamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 201841

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