Activities to Support Value CreationDesignThe meaning of design is broadening, and the role of design is no longer limited to simply making products look stylish. We believe that “designing” the development of organizations, people, and work frameworks will contribute to the design of the Yamaha brand, and we are engaged in activities accordingly.In particular, we are focused on designing our approach to design. Our belief that design has a wide range of functions, including planning, corporate design, and branding, is reflected in the fact that the personnel structure of the Design Center is composed equally of designers and non-designers.We are also engaged in new efforts in human resource development, in which teams are formed with members from different departments in the Design Center and with different roles, and training is conducted for jointly proposing new value. In addition, as part of human resource development that includes social contribution activity perspectives, we hold Yamaha Creative Hackathons, in which design students form teams to think about concepts for future types of vehicles, in accordance with set themes and give presentations based on actual objects created using materials such as cardboard.Designing organizations and peopleThe Company handles motorcycles and a wide range of other products. We define “the unique style of Yamaha” and employ it in the design of various products, leading to the creation of products in which a user can sense “the unique style of Yamaha,” whether looking at a motorcycle, a boat, or another Yamaha product. In addition to product design, we also view product exhibitions as well as dealers in Japan and overseas as important customer contact points for fostering the Yamaha brand. For this reason, the Design Center is also responsible for spatial design at show booths and stores in order to communicate “the unique style of Yamaha” with a consistent image.Embodying the Yamaha brand at contact points with societyYamaha Motor positions concepts, technology, and design as the core of its management based on the idea that design contributes to management and branding. Akihiro Nagaya, Chief General Manager of the Design Center, describes the role of design, along with design initiatives and achievements.Akihiro NagayaExecutive OfficerChief General Manager of Design CenterYamaha Creative HackathonYamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 201840

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