• The Kando Cycle describes how we conduct our business from a branding perspective.• As a “Kando Creating Company,” we continuously generate new Kando by expanding the linkage of Kando experiences and increase both our brand value and our corporate value.Kando CycleCelebrating Yamaha Day around the worldTo strengthen internal branding globally, we designated July 1, the anniversary of our founding, as Yamaha Day. We hold activities to not only deepen the understanding of and affection for our brand among Group employees around the world, but also to lead to illustrating the unique style of Yamaha through our products and services. Activities carried out in the various regions are shared with other employees via the Global Brand Site.Holding Branding Workshops around the worldWe hold workshops around the world to consider “the unique style of Yamaha” in our business and study issues and action plans to translate these thoughts into concrete steps for further enhancement of brand value. Over two-and-a-half years from the latter half of 2016 through 2018, we held 28 workshops in 18 countries and regions with over 1,300 people participating in all, and we will continue to hold these workshops going forward.Two Yamahas, One PassionYamaha Corporation, a maker of musical instruments, audio products and other offerings, and Yamaha Motor, a manufacturer of motorcycles, marine products and more, are two different companies with the same creed of “Creating Kando” with customers. As both companies share the same brand, we are working together to enhance brand value under the theme of “Two Yamahas, One Passion.”GlobalY: YamahaC: CustomerB: BusinessDevelop partners’ loyalty to the unique style of YamahaDevelop technology, products and services with the unique style of YamahaExpand investmentFoster employees’ pride Embody the unique style of YamahaCommunicate the unique style of Yamaha and its experiences to customersY2Y3Y4Y1Build the excitement for having products with the unique style of YamahaUnderstand and experience the unique style of YamahaBuild customer’s emotional attachment to YamahaSpreading the unique style of Yamaha continuouslyStrengthening customer’s bond and loyalty to Yamaha through service Increase new customers/applicantsIncrease profit per unit, number of sales, profit, stock priceKando for employees and partnersKando for customersC1C4B3C5C6C2C3B1Increase potential fansB2Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 201839

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