The Yamaha Motor Group considers the further enhancement of Yamaha’s brand value to be an important management issue. Under the leadership of the Brand Committee established in January 2017, we have been pursuing a Global Brand Strategy that seeks to enhance corporate value and brand strength. Using common global indicators, brand value is measured and analyzed, and feedback relayed to our businesses. We are also emphasizing the strengthening of internal branding as per our Basic Brand Structure. From 2019, under the concept of Autonomous BrandingTM, we will continue holding branding workshops and internal brand promotion activities like Yamaha Day, and the unique features of individual businesses and regions will be valued as we pursue a consistent and globally unified brand strategy.The “Revs your Heart” brand slogan was formulated in 2013 in order for Yamaha Motor to achieve its corporate mission of being a “Kando Creating Company.” The term “Revs” has two meanings—the rising revs of an engine and getting excited—and “Revs your Heart” expresses our desire to excite and bring Kando to customers through various innovations and products. In 2017, we chose five words to define the unique style of Yamaha: Innovation, Excitement, Confidence, Emotion, and Ties. Since then, we have been working to enhance corporate value and brand strength by sharing the Basic Brand Structure composed of our corporate mission, brand slogan, and the unique style of Yamaha across the entire Group.*Please refer to page 12: Yamaha Motor’s Process for Creating Value.Defining “the unique style of Yamaha” in five wordsUnder the principle of “Distinctive Diversity,” Yamaha Motor aims for branding that is globally unified while highlighting the characteristics and unique features of our various businesses and regions. We call this concept of branding that drives activities in said businesses and regions Autonomous BrandingTM.Autonomous BrandingTMActivities to Support Value CreationGlobal Brand StrategyYamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 201838

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