Aiming to provide smart package boatsIn 2018, we introduced a 425-horsepower model as our most powerful conventional outboard motor. We also began selling the EXULT43, a large salon cruiser serving as our flagship model in the boat segment. As a result, net sales totaled ¥338.2 billion, with an operating income margin of 18.0%. Our forecast for 2019, factoring in a maximum foreign-exchange effect, is for net sales of ¥338.0 billion with a 16.0% operating income margin.Going forward, we will develop next-generation boat control systems and electric propulsion units, and working with cooperating boatbuilders, we will aim to offer smart package boats that are easier to operate and more environmentally friendly.2018 results and outlook for 2019Reliable and rich marine lifestylesWe are pursuing a marine products business that “provides reliable and rich marine lifestyles” and further increasing the value of the ocean.Specific measures are outlined below.“Changing marine culture, changing everyday life”• We will create exciting times, spaces, and experiences for people to instill joy in their daily lives.“Connecting the sea, people, and society”• A platform that connects people around the world with the value of the ocean will become essential to society.“Toward a future with a more pristine ocean than the present one of today”• Ensuring that the blessings of an “abundant ocean,” which all people associated with marine recreation desire, continue forever“Releasing the secret potential of the sea”• Using the thorough knowledge of the world’s oceans, we will create value that contributes to human development.Yamaha Motor works to ensure stable food supplies and support economic development by introducing fishing methods in the fishery industry in developing countries, and by providing technologies such as outboard motors and FRP boats. We also carry out activities like “Team Tyura Sango” (a public-private joint project to restore coral reefs in Okinawa) to exist in harmony with the natural environment. By providing new technologies to alleviate these types of social issues, and working together with stakeholders in other sectors on environmental protection activities that will lead to abundant and beautiful oceans in the future, we are working to achieve a sustainable society.Addressing social issuesReinforce high profitability and establish base of sustainable growth• Global production layout for outboard motorsImproving production capacity and flexibility• Expansion of integrated marine business strategyEvolving as a system supplier• Product Development StrategiesProviding attractive items and services• Marine Long-Term VisionReliable and rich marine lifestylesToward further increasing the value of the oceanMarkets and conditions at Yamaha MotorMain competitorsOutboard motorsGiven growing demand for pleasure-use boats, primarily in North America and Europe, we will build a global production system that can flexibly keep up with growth in demand for outboard motors.Mercury Marine, Suzuki, Honda, Tohatsu, EvinrudeBoatsIn the relatively stable domestic boat market, we will continue to offer pleasure-use boats with significant added value. In service businesses like “Sea-Style,” we will strengthen our development of services in line with customer preferences.Yanmar, Toyota, Suzuki, TohatsuPersonal watercraftWe will work to strengthen our competitiveness by building a manufacturing center in North America, the region with the greatest demand, and by introducing models with high added value.BRP, KawasakiMarine products: Status of primary products and main competitorsOutboard motorsMarine products and others(Medium-term target)$110/€1302021(Result)$110/€1302018338.2Net sales60.8Operating income(Forecast)$105/€1202019338.0Net sales54.0Operating income374.0Net sales76.0Operating income(Billion ¥)Net sales and operating incomePriority measures and targetsYamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 201835

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