We will shift to create new value by realigning planning, development, and manufacturing capabilities and with agile decision making.Under the previous Medium-Term Management Plan, although the motorcycle business was weak in developed markets, the ASEAN market overall matured and showed large growth, and scooter products grew in the Philippines, which has entered a growth phase. Net sales for the developed market motorcycle business in 2018 were ¥228.3 billion, with an operating income margin of -8.0%, while the emerging market motorcycle business recorded net sales of ¥775.2 billion, with an +8.6% operating income margin. For 2019, factoring in a maximum foreign-exchange effect, we are forecasting net sales of ¥224.0 billion, with a -4.9% operating income margin in the developed market motorcycle business, and in the emerging market motorcycle business, net sales of ¥790.0 billion, with an +8.1% operating income margin.We will pursue future growth by realigning our planning, development, and manufacturing capabilities and bringing in strengths from outside the Company, and through management based on a system that promotes agile decision making to shift to create new value.2018 results and outlook for 2019Initiatives in providing innovative, smaller forms of mobility and in safetyYamaha Motor aims to address important social issues, and is pursuing R&D in its fields of technological focus. By integrating the “growing world of personal mobility,” “our electric products already in the market,” and our “unique style R&D,” we aim to offer smaller forms of mobility with a new type of “uniquely Yamaha” innovation. We have also been playing a contributory role by selling various electric products that have less environmental impact. A representative example of this is our introduction of the world’s first electrically power-assisted bicycle, aggregate production of which has surpassed five million units.We will continue to address environmental issues going forward with products such as electric vehicles and electrically power-assisted bicycles, and by developing ways to relieve traffic congestion.We are also working to promote safety around the world, especially through the Yamaha Riding Academy, which we hold to reduce traffic accidents in emerging and developing countries. We currently have trainers in 15 countries and hold the course 1,400 times annually with 100,000 people participating. We aim to expand the program to 20 countries, with 2,000 courses and 180,000 participants by 2021. We are also working with other manufacturers to create safety communication systems for two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles.Addressing social issues(Billion ¥)Developed market motorcyclesEmerging market motorcyclesRVsSPVsNet sales and operating incomePriority measures and targets1. Current ability update 2. Agile management3. Shift to new areaNet sales: ¥1,350.0 billionOperating income:¥92.0 billionOperating income margin:6.8%(Medium-term target)$110/€1302021Markets and conditions at Yamaha MotorMain competitorsDeveloped market motorcycles and commuter vehiclesWe will develop new technologies to update value and pursue new businesses in mature markets.Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Harley-Davidson, BMW, Ducati, Triumph, KTM, Aprilia, Piaggio, KymcoEmerging market motorcycles and commuter vehiclesWith emerging markets entering a period of growth, we plan to shift to platform models and increase production of global models.Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Hero, BajajROVs/ATVsWe will introduce new platform models in growing ROV markets in developed markets.Polaris, BRP, Honda, KawasakiElectrically power-assisted bicycles and power-assisted unitsWe will expand into a global business with new products incorporating new technologies and through strategic partnerships.Panasonic, Bridgestone, Bosch, Shimano Land mobility: Status of primary products and main competitors(Result)$110/€13020181,117.8Net sales48.7Operating income(Forecast)$105/€12020191,129.0Net sales53.0Operating income1,354.0Net sales92.0Operating incomeYamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 201833

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