Land MobilityBusiness StrategyWe are propelling the brand by developing new, uniquely Yamaha technologies in the developed market motorcycle business.Amid high expectations for new technologies and new mobility systems such as electric vehicles and the Internet of Things (IoT), we are expanding globally by tying together our brand and products in the motorcycle market. Given this market environment, there are three missions for the products we develop and sell in developed markets: (1) To update value through new technological development; (2) To pursue new businesses in mature markets; and (3) To create global synergies by demonstrating the Yamaha brand’s DNA. Going forward, we will contribute to the future of mobility by proposing uniquely Yamaha solutions in the fields of motorcycles and Leaning Multi-Wheel (LMW) vehicles.The ASEAN motorcycle business is building a revenue base in uniquely Yamaha growth sectors.The ASEAN market is entering a period of mature, and we are building a solid revenue base with the Yamaha brand and products, which are popular among the new middle class. In addition, production in ASEAN countries is contributing to the overall optimization of our production structure through the shift to platform-based production already under way and increased production of global models in the ASEAN nations.We are introducing new platform models to gain share in ROVs.The ROV business has been made part of Motorcycle Business Operations to strengthen its product planning, development, and cost-competitiveness. We aim to introduce new platform models that deliver the value sought by customers to increase our share in the growing ROV markets in developed markets.In the electrically power-assisted bicycle business, we are rolling out the realignment of our brand and revenue base globally.The electrically power-assisted bicycle segment is expanding into a global business with new products incorporating new technologies and by offering comprehensive value through strategic partnerships. We are focusing on Europe, Japan, and the United States, and, in particular, are starting with business model formulation in the United States, a new market for us.Priority initiatives under the new Medium-Term Management PlanWe are strengthening our foundation for a new era of mobility in the areas of motorcycles, recreational off-highway vehicles (ROVs), and electrically power-assisted bicycles.OpportunitiesRisks• Expansion of middle-income market in ASEAN and emerging nations• Evolution of marketing through digital technology• Tighter environmental regulations in each country• Shift in industrial structure due to innovative technologies and new competitionTakuya KinoshitaExecutive OfficerChief General Manager of Motorcycle Business OperationsYamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 201832

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