Accelerating Innovation through PartnershipsGogoro (Taiwan)Mobility segment (1) Contributing to the prevention of global warming with electric scooters and expanded infrastructureWe are pursuing a collaboration with Gogoro Inc. of Taiwan to develop and manufacture electric scooters with sharing of battery-swapping stations.Gogoro operates an electric motorcycle business in Taiwan with its own brand of electric scooters and battery-swapping stations. When a scooter’s battery runs low, the rider can swap the battery with a charged unit at a station and continue riding. There are 750 battery-swapping stations in Taiwan, and plans are to increase this to more than 1,000 during 2019. Yamaha Motor sells 290,000 motorcycles annually in Taiwan, and manufactures and sells the E-Vino retro-pop-style fashion scooter in the electric vehicle segment. Under the new partnership, Yamaha Motor will design Yamaha-brand electric scooters based on Gogoro’s production vehicles, which will be manufactured by Gogoro and sold by Yamaha Motor Taiwan Co., Ltd. The first model is scheduled for release in the summer of 2019. Yamaha Motor and Gogoro will share the energy infrastructure of battery-swapping stations, and contribute to the prevention of global warming by expanding the market for electric scooters with a high level of customer convenience.Grab (Singapore)Mobility segment (2) Yamaha Motor and Grab agree to strategic partnership in motorcycle ride-hailing serviceGrab Holdings Inc. is Southeast Asia’s largest operator of ride-hailing services, and Yamaha Motor and Grab have announced a strategic partnership in motorcycle ride-hailing services in Southeast Asia, focusing on Indonesia. As part of this agreement, Yamaha Motor will invest US$150 million in Grab.Through this partnership, Yamaha Motor and Grab aim to develop next-generation mobility services by implementing solutions and innovations that 1) leverage Yamaha Motor’s motorcycle safety-related technology and know-how to increase user satisfaction by demonstrating safety and confidence in response to motorcycle ride-hailing service demand and 2) lower the barriers to motorcycle purchases for those engaged in (or considering) motorcycle ride-hailing (i.e., becoming motorcycle taxi drivers). This will enable Yamaha Motor to use Grab’s customer base in Southeast Asia and expertise in motorcycle ride-hailing for future product development.Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 201825

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