Initiatives in three areas of focus (2)Rethinking Solution—Address social issues through initiatives with uniquely Yamaha styleHilly and mountainous regions account for 70% of Japan’s land surface, which makes it difficult to maintain public mobility services, and mobility for older persons is emerging as a social issue. Yamaha Motor is currently engaged in field testing of land car-based transport systems for older persons and underpopulated areas and multi-use customer and freight transportation systems across Japan. Going forward, we will look beyond low-speed self-driving vehicles to contribute to community development with a focus on slow mobility, including electrically power-assisted bicycles and electric wheelchairs.We are developing automatic operation technologies in the marine business as well. Boat captains perform many tasks—operating the engine, steering the boat, and keeping watch—which means that they are unable to enjoy themselves. At Yamaha Motor, we aim to deliver a safe and comfortable marine lifestyle with technologies enabling you to set a destination, cruise there automatically, and maintain position once at the destination so that you can enjoy fishing from the boat.Initiatives in three areas of focus (3)Advancing Robotics—Intelligent technologies using roboticsIn the field of robotics, we are focusing on the agricultural and medical segments.Developed market countries today are increasingly faced with shortages of workers in fruit and vegetable agriculture, and the annual global market potential for agricultural robots and drones is estimated to be ¥4 trillion. Yamaha Motor’s unmanned helicopters have built up a track record going back more than 30 years in Japan’s agricultural market, and in the United States, we are developing a crop-dusting business in California. Going forward, we will work to contribute to a stable food supply through labor savings and improved productivity in agriculture by proactively introducing drones and unmanned ground vehicles.In the medical segment, in 2017 we began selling the CELL HANDLERTM, which reduces the work performed by researchers in various steps of the drug discovery process, contributing to improved productivity and a higher drug discovery success rate. In addition to selling CELL HANDLERTM units, we are investigating possibilities for a solutions business that would include subcontracted services through equity investment in venture capital companies. Through these initiatives, we are establishing a presence in personalized medicine, antibodies, and drug discovery, areas that are said to be worth a combined ¥3 trillion annually.Accelerating innovation through partnershipsWork with partners who share our vision and expand support with newly established fundsAchieving our Long-Term Vision will require more than just steady growth in existing markets and technological fields; we will also need to incorporate new technologies and create new markets. From the PresidentYamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 201824

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