Musical instruments and motorcycles both appeal to human sensibilities, and playing an instrument or riding a motorcycle brings people joy as well as growth. To date, we have emphasized the concept of ART of Engineering, which sees engineering as an art, and have engaged in Monozukuri that appeals to human sensibilities while expanding our fields of operations from land mobility like motorcycles to marine products such as boats and outboard motors. Going forward, we will continuously focus on people and pursue unique Yamaha growth as a Monozukuri company that expands human possibilities. Initiatives in three areas of focus (1)Transforming Mobility—Promote innovations in mobilityYamaha Motor will contribute to the resolution of social issues with unique products that integrate technologies from a new field called CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Services, Electric) with our electric power technologies developed with PAS electrically power-assisted bicycles, control technologies from the MOTOBOT autonomous motorcycle-riding robot, and Leaning Multi-Wheel technologies that deliver greater confidence, comfort, and enjoyment. For example, “bikes that lean but don’t fall” can bring the exhilaration of motorcycle riding to more people, while electric powertrains can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and the development of autonomous driving technologies can provide social infrastructure as “last-mile mobility.”Three Focus Areas and Growth StrategiesExpanding via co-creation with partnersExpanding with a combination of technologies• System Supplier• Electrification• Sharing• Agriculture• Medical• AutonomousContinuous and steady growth+Inorganic growthIntelligent technology as a foundationAdvancing RoboticsNew TechnologyExisting TechnologyExisting MarketsNew MarketsRethinking SolutionAddress social issues through initiatives with uniquely Yamaha styleExpanding with Funds/M&AInorganicgrowthTransforming MobilityPromote innovations in mobilityYamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 201823

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