Value Created through Our BusinessesEnvironment and resourcesWe are promoting the manufacturing and sale of electric motorcycles, scooters, and other products with a goal of reducing the CO2 emissions of Yamaha Motor products by 50% by 2050.In addition, our clean water business in emerging market countries provides safe water to many people, and in addition to better hygiene, releases women and children from the hard work of drawing water.Transportation, education and industryWe are implementing systematic vocational training, focusing on Asia and Central and South America, to promote the development of manufacturing technicians and service technicians. This contributes to human resource development and industrial promotion in new markets. We are addressing transportation issues with land car-based, low-cost mobility services as a way to provide means of transportation to older persons, mainly in underpopulated, rural areas of Japan.Yamaha Clean Water Supply System, a water purification system, for emerging market countries facing shortages of drinking waterDeveloping a system to foster technical instructors for developing countries such as AfricaLand car-based, low-speed automated driving systemE-Vino electric scooterYamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 201816

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