Important Capital That Forms Yamaha Motor’s StrengthsDevelopment Global research and development structure Original and innovative ability to conceive new technologies Creative, advanced technological capabilities and core technical competencies Design capabilities that express individuality Proprietary product development methodsManufacturing Global production structure, structure for supplying products across regions Abundant plant management expertise, capabilities in management technologies Preeminent capabilities in manufacturing technology, strong on-site capabilities Proprietary theoretical-value-based production methodHuman resources Global talent that embodies the brand Diverse specialist skills, management ability Diversity in terms of specialization, nationality and culture, and genderAfter starting in the motorcycle business, the Company has since developed a diverse business portfolio while taking on many challenges along the way, and cultivating capital with this as its strength. Going forward, we will continue to create new value by leveraging the unique capital of the Company operating globally.Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 201814

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