and a more fulfilling life for people all over the world)Value for Yamaha MotorSupport for the “Yamaha” brand from stakeholdersAchieving sustainable growth and enhancing corporate value over the medium to long termValue Created through BusinessesLand MobilityMarine ProductsRoboticsOther ProductsSpecific Business ActivitiesDelivering unique and high-quality products and servicesDirection of medium- to long-term growth strategiesValue provided outside Yamaha MotorLong-Term Vision (2030)ART for Human Possibilities(Expand human possibilities for a better society and more fulfilling life)Advancing RoboticsRethinking SolutionTransforming MobilityP.16Environment and resources• 50% reduction in product CO2 emissions by 2050• Bringing safe water to more peopleTransportation, education and industry• Developing safe, livable communities by providing mobility services• Realizing safe traffic by providing training courses for safe riding and training service engineersInnovation• Use of intelligent technologies and control technologies• Developing new types for mobility• Providing solutions for the agricultural and medical sectorsWork-life balance• Organizational structure that creates job satisfaction• Creating a workplace that respects all employees through diversity and inclusionP.22P.32 support sustainable growth13Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 2018

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