We have been working toward global environmental ISO 14001 unified certification at Group companies in Japan and overseas since 2012. The program has been expanded to 46 companies, mainly manufacturing companies in Japan, Asia, Europe, the United States, and South America, and as of the end of 2017, unified certification had been obtained by all companies.We will continue to strive to measure our global use of water resources and reduce the amount of water intake through promoting the reuse of coolant water and water collection (rainwater and other sources) at factories.No. 25The Yamaha Brand, calculated by combining the brand value of both Yamaha Motor and Yamaha Corporation, was valued at US$1,195 million (compared with US$998 million in the previous year and US$900 million two years earlier), for a ranking of 25 (from 27 in the previous year and 29 two years earlier).*Brand value ranking of Japan-based brands carried out by Interbrand Japan (Japan’s Best Global Brands Top 40 (2019))Brand rankingWe are targeting an annual 1% reduction in CO2 emissions per unit of sales as a common goal for the entire Group, and are working to reduce emissions in all of our business activities including product development and manufacturing.R&D expenses increased 3.6% from the previous year for 21.7% growth over past five years.We are sowing seeds for the next stage of growth through efficient development of existing businesses.2014201520162017201884.591.394.999.2102.865.964.161.356.555.120142015201620172018201320142015201620172018132633414446OverseasJapan597561552553530201420152016201720185.564.744.984.454.3820142015201620172018(Billion ¥)(Billion ¥)(Companies)(1,000t-CO2)(Million m3)R&D expensesWater intakeCO2 emissions4.38million m3530thousand t-CO2¥102.8bil.Capital expendituresAchievement of unified certification100%¥55.1bil.Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Integrated Report 20189

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