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WV YRA Instructor Training in Brunei

Report on WV YRA Instructor Training in Brunei.

Date of the Event : 18, Dec. 2017
Place of the Event : Hai Hwang Trading Company - State of Brunei Darussalam
Aim of the Event : WV YRA Instructor Training

Hai Hwang Trading Company as Yamaha official distributor had YRA Area Instructor Training in the State of Brunei Darussalam on December 18, 2017.
They had YRA Area Instructor Training with Yamaha Instructor. and 2 participants from Yamaha Motor Distribution Singapore. 4 experienced person of Hai Hwang Trading Company and also 2 experienced person from Yamaha Motor Distribution Singapore attended at classroom and water session.
All participants understood rules & manneres on water, proper usage, basic safety knowledge, how to do "Pre-operation check, Recovering from capsize, and Stopping distance".

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