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WV Safety Riding Course for distributor in Iraq

Report on WV Safety Riding Course for distributor in Iraq.

Date of the Event : 16, Apr. 2016
Place of the Event : Dubai, United Arab Emirates

YRA Safety Training & Safety Riding Course has been held in Dubai on April 16, 2016.
Al Maysoora Co., as Yamaha official distributor in Iraq, participated in it and understood how to do "Pre-operation check, Recovering from capsize, Stopping distance, Post-operation check, and E/G flushing" in order to prepare themselves to start distributing Yamaha Waverunners.
Participant: 3 persons from Al Maysoora Co./ 2 persons from YAMAHA MOTOR CO.,LTD.
YRA instructor: Mr. Medhy Menad and Mr. Kazuhiko Kozakai

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