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WV YRA Area Instructor Training in Brazil

Report on WV YRA Area Instructor Training in Brazil.

Date of the Event : 10-11 July, 2012
Place of the Event : WV YRA Area Instructor Training in Brazil

YRA instructor course of WaveRunner was implemented in Igarata lake, Brazil approximately 80km north east of Sao Paulo, the biggest city in southern hemisphere.
Implementation of YRA has particularly significant meaning in Brazil since awareness of safety in riding PWC has been raised across the country following series of accidents last summer.
Yamaha Motor do Brasil Ltda. will take a leading role in enhancing safety awareness not only among users of Yamaha WaveRunners but also among the entire market of PWC in Brazil even jointly with the authorities concerned for sustainable growth of WaveRunner market as well as for differentiation of Yamaha from other Brands.

Fumihiko Muraki, Nautica, Yamaha Motor Do Brasil LTDA

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