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YRA Instructor

This page introduces our instructors at the Yamaha Riding Academy.

Yamaha Motor set an instructor system to build up common program in worldwide.

Master Instructor

Master Instructor is from Yamaha Motor Japan.
They do instructor course for Area instructor who is nominated from official Distributors and Importers.
Master Instructor will give the license to Area Instructor from Distributors and Importers, who is certified with enough level as instructor by Yamaha Motor Japan.

Introduction for Master Instructor

Area Instructor

Area Instructor is from Yamaha official Distributors and Importers.
Area Instructor is required to organize YRA activities in their country.
This is for local instructor course that build up the Local Instructors in each area, and safety riding course for directory to the customers.

Introduction for Area Instructor

Local Instructor

Local Instructor is from Yamaha official Dealer.
Local Instructor is required to organize safety riding course for the customers in each area.

Introduction for Local Instructor

Qualification for WV YRA Instructor

  • Understanding of YRA Policy
  • Experience of WV & Marine products
  • Riding skill & knowledge
  • Skill of teaching & organizing of Training course
  • Speach & behaviour with Seamanship
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