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WaveRunner (PWC, MarineJet)

Yamaha Riding Academy

This page introduces the Yamaha Riding Academy.

The YRA (Yamaha Riding Academy) is a program carried out by Yamaha Motor alongside its market development.
Our mission at Yamaha Motor is offer KANDO and richness of life to the people of the world through the KANDO Creating Company. One of the policies that help us realize and develop this vision is the YRA.

What is KANDO ?

KANDO is a Japanese word for the simultaneous feeling of deep satisfaction and intense excitement that people experience when they encounter something of exceptional value.

WaveRunner, which allows its users freedom on the water and to ride as they feel, offers its fans loads of excitement. However all users must understand its operation as well as the correct manners required out there on the water in order to understand the enjoyment that only a WaveRunner can bring.
Our concept at Yamaha is to use the YRA's activities to expand the network of its users and to create a higher public awareness of the WaveRunner.

The following outlines the purpose of the YRA's activities in safety promotion:

  • To communicate the enjoyment of the WaveRunner.
  • Spread the attractiveness of the WaveRunner through its users' confidence about the product.
  • Develop WaveRunner as a safe leisure activity through recognition from society.
  • Foster Marine Culture through manner, skill improvement and seamanship.

We also expect that this program will result in fewer accidents.

In satisfying this general expectation, the YRA program endeavors to gain societies trust and value and is therefore one of the most important missions for Yamaha Motor itself.
It is our sincere wish that you will participate in the program when the YRA program is being held in your country or region.

It is imperative that we have an instructor network for each region for the YRA program.
Yamaha will work at training Yamaha Approved Instructors who will lead the activities in each country and region, and these approved instructors will plan and host YRA Safety Events in each country / region.

The training of WaveRunner instructors was started in December 2009 and has expanded to areas within Latin America, Middle East and Asia. This website will continually be updated with introductions to instructors from each country and reports on other related activities. We hope you will be visiting this website soon.

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