1.Reverse in a single action - an intuitive way to control your PWC.

RiDE provides independent functionality of the left and right levers, with the right lever controlling forward and the left lever controlling reverse. Reversing are available using just the left lever. Single-action reversing is now possible. This delivers agile, intuitive handling.

Having the beneficial effect on docking and undocking.

Click here for the operation method

Models not equipped with the RiDE function

Pull the shift lever
1.Pull the shift lever
Pull the right lever
2.Pull the right lever

RiDE equipped Models

Simply pull the left lever!

2.Providing stable deceleration

Providing the ability to decelerate using the left lever while riding.
Previously it was technically impossible to decelerate the craft quickly without creating spray and losing stability.
But now with RiDE, we've made the impossible, possible.

Giving peace of mind by allowing control without the need to remove your hands from the steering.

How is stable deceleration achieved?

3.The ability to turn while decelerating

There is simultaneous turning and deceleration control, even while turning and decelerating at the same time.

How can the PWC with RiDE turn while decelerating?