Developer’s interview

The fastest WaveRunner in history

The GP1800, which re-joined Yamaha's lineup after nearly a decade, is the fastest WaveRunner in history. We spoke to the developers about the performance of the GP1800.

Satoru Suzuki
Product Development Div. Boat Business Unit Marine Business Operations
During the development of the GP1800, he was in charge of the hull shape and general mobility features.
Junya Miwa
Product Development Div. Boat Business Unit Marine Business Operations
He conducted test runs of all WaveRunners including the GP1800.

About speed

There is no doubt that this is the fastest model of WaveRunner in history.
Not only that, the GP1800 also allows you to ride the machine along the route you envision.

Regarding ease of riding

As the GP1800 features a hull that is the same shape as that of the VXR, riders will not feel any major differences when riding. However, the GP is easier to control due to its lighter weight.
Although the engine power is greater, the level of stability has not changed: you can ride along the route you wish when turning and cornering.
Conversely, there is plenty of engine power, increasing the rider’s sense of security.
Also, the sponson mounting angle has been tuned and the grip sensation when cornering has been improved.
In addition, the noise created by slight up and down movement when the machine is traveling at maximum speed is suppressed when driving in a straight line.

About the RiDE system

The objective of RiDE is to improve deceleration ability without any abrupt or unexpected side effects, and this has been achieved.
You can smoothly decelerate, and notably, water does not splash when doing so.

Comparison with the previous GP

In a nutshell, the previous GP and current GP1800 are completely different.
I used the previous GP about 10 years ago, so my remarks are only based on my memory...
As engine power was increased and a new hull was introduced, we cannot simply compare them, however, this new machine is much faster. In fact, you will not be able to feel the difference when riding a 2-stroke engine model and a 4-stroke one.
The GP1800 has been designed to enable the rider to easily knee grip the body and assume the appropriate riding position. Riders of various skill levels can enjoy the speed it provides in different ways.

General review

GP1800 has not only been equipped with a more powerful engine; we have also worked to boost efficient riding and speed performance from an overall perspective by designing the hull and body to improve engine performance, and by installing new functions and meticulous settings typified by RiDE.
The maximum speed is of course the prime feature of the GP1800, however, it also allows you to ride the machine along the route you envision. GP1800 is the fastest WaveRunner that will be most faithful to riders.